Add Property Value With A New Conservatory

A conservatory is a room or building extension whose walls and roof are made of glass. When installed in a residential building, it is usually attached to the house on only one side. It can be installed during the construction phase of the house or added during renovations later on. But how do conservatories in Birmingham add value to a house and how much value can be added? 

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conservatories as Sunrooms

Conservatories are often used by family members as sunrooms. Children can get the much needed exposure to sun, without necessarily going outside the house. The same is true for the elderly, people living with disabilities and special needs. Such families are willing to pay a premium for houses that have sunrooms and therefore the presence of a sunroom increases the value of the house.

Conservatories as greenhouses

Families that grow indoor plants and flowers appreciate conservatories as these can be used as greenhouses for various types of plants and flowers. The conservatories are ideal for plants and indoor flowers since they prevent excessive loss of moisture while promoting exposure to a regulated amount of light to the plants. The conservatories can also be used to grow vegetables and fruits for family consumption. A house that can serve this purpose is usually more expensive compared to one that cannot.

Extra room

A conservatory can be turned into an extra room either for entertainment, living space or even a bedroom when need arises. This has a direct effect on the value of the house. An extra room also increases the desirability of the house in the market which pushes up the demand and subsequently, the value and asking price of the house in an imminent sale.

Extent or value increase

Real estate experts estimate that a conservatory could add between 5 and 15 percent to the value of a house. The extent of the value addition is dependent on the size of the conservatory, the quality of the materials used in its construction, the ability of the conservatory to be put into multiple uses and even its design. It is therefore important to ensure that the room is professionally done and that high quality materials are used in order to maximise on the opportunity.

Evidently, conservatories have both direct and indirect effects on the value of the house irrespective of whether it is newly constructed or an old house. Therefore, if you are contemplating building or renovating your house, you should contemplate including a conservatory both for aesthetic and economic value.